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We are electrical contracting consultants with focus on services within electrical engineering. We can help you with electrical facilities before, during and after the construction phase.

Electrical systems, planning, design and construction.

Our areas includes every day environments for government, residential and educational activities. Offices, commercial, industrial and biogas plants. We also plan and design illumination of outdoor environments like street lighting, public parks and highlighting of landmarks like churches.

Everything from the little gritty, to the holiest!

Independent on your position in a project; we, as consultants can give you advice and help you through the planning- construction- & control- phase.

Especially if you need assistance within the Scandinavian and Nordic market.

Previous work includes following the electrical standards in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and other international areas.

It is our motto that all employees within Helkonsult have the knowledge of working as an electrician at a base. This gives a complete understanding of practical applications throughout the whole work process.

From the practical experience of being out on the construction site to the theoretical computer assisted design.

If its electrical, we can assist you!

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